is TPS sensor the same for auto and 5spd?

I’m just curious cause it looks like my engine was swapped in since there’s a EGR and a couple of cut vaccum lines and we all know EGRs only come on automatics. anyway my car is still very slow and doesn’t seem to have any torque in the upper rpm ranges at all. I’ve serviced/replaced;
new cap/rotor
plugs(NGK iridium)
plug wires
timing belt
timing adjusted
compression on all 4 cyls = 170-175psi (200psi after 10 cranks)
10w-30 oil
New clutch kit
Checked catalytic converter (OK)
Replaced PCV valve
Blocked off EGR valve just in case

And after all this, the car is still slower than my friends 1.6l automatic civic.
So are the TPS sensors on automatics and 5 speeds somehow different and could be causing sluggish performance from my engine at higher RPMs? feel free to throw in any other ideas on what the problem might be :slight_smile:

damn, no one here knows if the TPS on autos and 5spds differ?

99% sure that it’s the same part.

More than likely the cut/disconnected vacuum lines are causing part of the problem, and/or a clogged catalytic converter.

Also possible that the cam gears weren’t lined up properly when the timing belt was changed.

timing belt is all good. i did it myself, all marks line up perfectly, and i’m 100% sure it’s on there correctly. the cat, i’ve also checked, and it looks almost brand new inside with no melting whatsoever. and those vacume lines are cut because this engine used to belong to an automatic and they led to the vacume modulator and EGR valve. they’re pretty much useless now. i’m stumped :mad: