ITR 4-1 Megan Racing Header

This header i got is a Megan Racing 4-1 Header, from an ITR with a 2.5" collector.

Just wanted to let u guys know that this header will bolt up but will not fit a our tegs without alot of customizing.

Took me an hour to take off the stock header cause one of the bolts stripped and the nut stripped aswell, so i have to grind it off. when i went to put in the new header, there was no way it was going in. took off the rad, released the motor mounts to see if i can get some play, but no dice. then i took off the cross member, and this middle bar off, and finnaly it went in. went to put the cross member back in, but there was a problem, no clearance at all. I had to cut 2 inches deep and 6 inches wide into the crossmember. This will totally weaken it but i had to do wat i had to do, so i used a plasma cutter to cut it and welded a new plate in the Xmember so it would have some of its strength left, i also cut some shit off the middle bar to make the header fit. 6 hours later, header is in.

next thing to do is to make a test pipe.

so ITR is a 94+ version of a GSR right??

the gs/gsr version of the 90-93 megan 4-1 should fit a RS right?

thats some great news. I was thinking of getting this header. Does the downpipe sit really low. Ive heard that the jdm type headers have ground clerance. What do you think about it. Do you rate it pretty good in performance


Saint - i have no idea if it will fit or not, but the GS is exactly the same as RS and LS, so if it says its gonna fit the GS it should fit the RS. Is it 1pc? or 2 pc’s?? if its 1, i dont really see how it will fit through, unless u unbolt the crossmember and take it off to get it through, but it should work.

meet07 - As in terms of performance i have yet to rip my car cause i still havent made my testpipe yet. my brother has this exact same header on his R, and it pulls really good.

Yes the downpipe sits pretty low. Its 2"-2.5" off the ground, so i really have to go super angle and super slow over bumps so it doesnt scratch. Factor in im on H&R race springs, and on 17’s.

ok ive been driving my car for abit now, and with the new header and straight pipe, throttle response is awesome, i have really good low end and pretty good highend power

i raced my buddy in his EK ITR first time he started to pull away in 2nd, id still keep up but id be like 1-2 cars behind.

this time with my new header&pipe and he got a new Race header we raced, i was leading after first and 2nd, and in 3rd he started to catch up and was half a car ahead at the end of 3rd, and we shut it down.

Nice toy you got there Jimmy! I believe modifications have to be made to the crossmember when you go with the 4-1 header. But i’m surprised that you said your low end power has improved, since my car sucked going uphill when I had the testpipe.

it has improved, plus my car can surprisingly keep up with my buddies B16EG, we rolled in 2nd, and it took him till the start of 4th to pass me.

i wonder how this engine would do if it would put into a lighter EG.

Man, I totally forgot you have a RS, not my overweight GS with an overweight driver >_<