ITR Intake Manifold Install Help

Ok, I have spent the last day searching for a few qustions on installing a ITR or skunk 2 intake manifold, heres what I got:

B18c5 block, b16a head, 1991 teg, 1992 p61 ecu

Parts I plan to get:

Boared out throttle body to 62mm from RC, IM gasket, T/B gasket, injector seals, throttle cable bracket

It looks like when you install one of these IM’s the air boost valve (in the middle of the IM) and the fast idle valve do not get reused and hoses get rerouted as needed.

Can I reuse the IM bracket the bolts to the back of the block I am currently using?
Does the b16a EACV bolt on to these IM’s? Some say I have to get a 92 and up EAVC.
What fuel rail do I have to use, some say b18c some say 94 and up teg, and can I use my b16a regulator with it?