Itr Suspension Swap To A Da Chasis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I Know That The Lower Control Arm, And Rea Sway Bar Bolts On To Da Chasis. My Qustion Is What Else Can I Swap, Control Arms, Forks, Ect…
Reason Being I Wan To Install The Hyper Flex Suspension From A Dc On To The Da. Being That Tein Only Makes Basic And Ss For Our Cars, And Plus Itr Suspension Has Better Componets Than A My 92 Gsr…
Pretty Much A I Want Good Handling, Thats Why Im Intrested In Doing This Project.
Any Positive Feedback???

If your ony wanting to do it for good handling. Well there’s plenty of components made for the G2 that will enable it to handle good.

  • Shocks/springs/coilovers: Most here will say Koni Yellow & Ground Controls w/ spring rates & top hats up to you.

*Sway Bars: Sus. Tech, or you can go progress or ASR or custom mounted ITR.

  • Bushings: OEM, ES or Prothane. Replace your TA bushing as well. There is a part # for the OEM one on here somewhere. That is your best route.

  • RLCA: I like the Function-7’s. But most others will work as well.

There’s a lot other parts as well. Make sure your ball joints/tie rods are in good shape.

Along with supsension goes brakes. If you are going to upgrade your suspension I recommend upgrading your brakes too.