its always 1:00 O Clock for me, ALL DAY!

lol, my clock seems to always reset itself at 1:00 after i take hte key out of the ignition.? i change it to the right time and then it resets everytime. anyone know how to fix it?


I had the same exact problem, none of my interior stuff worked. It was 1:00 all day. All of the electrical was screwy, random shit would go on. Anyways, it turned out for me to be the ground for the radio (sounds stupid yes, but it my clock NEVER worked ever… until now) i spliced the ground from the car to the radio (leaving it intact) meaning if you rigged it with tape… instead of taking the wire from the radio and taping it to another going to the ground just leave it running to the car but add another going to a ground. Easiest spot i found was the bolt on the drivers side in the very back of where the radio sits.

sorry if it doesnt make sense… but it solved my problem…

haha lol, i have absolutely no clue wahat ur talkingg about… but its ok thx tho, iunno if there isnt an easier way tof ix it i dont mind, its not like i need it lol

Was this always like this or did you just recently do some electrically-related modification to the car (new head unit, tapped into the fusebox, etc.)?

Sounds like a blown constant power fuse, does your lighter work?

What year is your g2?:hmm: 94

my car is a 92

and i just got the car, before, the clock didnt even work at all, until i noticed that my interior lights o top were all on, but no lights, so i just turned the switchies off, and then my clock came on, and now my defrost works cuz of that… wierd

Check fuse 14 - 15A, [hot at all times] in under dash fuse box, it is the fuse for your dome light, trunk/hatch light, [if you have one] front map lights, if you have them, may also be fuse for clock and lighter.

Do you still have the stock HU in your car or is it an aftermarket HU?:sipread: 94

your title made me chuckle, deff check the fuses… I hope u find the culperit.

haha my clock does some shit like this too, only its not always 1 for me, some times its 1 and sometimes its 522 i think. i dont have a clue what the hell it is but i dont have any other electrical problems

im having the same problem, but nothing seems to help. i just reposted this topic

If your clock “re-sets” to 1:00 when ign. is turned off it is because it is not getting a 12V+ constant, [white/blue lead] either the fuse is blown or there is a break in the white/blue lead someplace between the fuse box and the clock.
Check the fuse first, if that’s not it, you will have to trace for the problem or run a new 12V+ constant. 94