Itunes to cd help can i do this?

My father is a big time beatles fan. He wants the new bootleg song collection available on itunes. He doesn’t have a ipod or an itunes account or an apple computer. He has nemerous cd players and the cd player in his car will play music in a variety of formats.

Im not an apple guy either. Its no secret that i hate the company. Never had an itunes account or an ipod ($9 mp3 player and $0.99 songs on amazon its just better). My iphone is not teathered to any computer and everytime i try to use my appleID to update an app its a trip to the apple store and a fight with a gen-ASS.

Is it possible to create an itunes account, purchase the beatles songs and burn them to a cd?

My father has a windows 7 based computer with plenty of horsepower (3ghz amd processor, 6gb ddr2 ram, 1tb hard drive). I just want this to be as painless and require as little fuckery as possible. Id also like to not have my iphone or appleID teathered to his computer is any way shape or form.

Im assuming id have to 1) download itunes on his computer 2) have him create an appleID 3) fund the account either with itunes cards or a credit card 4) download the music he wants. 5) burn the music to cd in the correct format

Heres where i get lost. Heard horror stories about itunes losing music or it making playing or burning music hard. Is there a tab in itunes that will allow me to create a cd? If not do i need a burning rom? TIA

I’d simply try to find a .Torrent file of the album you’re wanting and avoid iTunes completely…

Sorry I’m not of better help, I too try to stray from Apple stuff.

Its 53 or so very specific songs id rather just buy them from apple and make sure i have everything.

Well in that case… you should be able to burn them directly from your library… Once you create a playlist with those selected songs, you can burn them from iTunes.

But the notice at the bottom concerning copywrite stuff is what has me unsure. That’s why I suggested a torrent if you could find the whole album in one go.

I guess the best bet is to download iTunes, and see if it still has the “Burn” features… and create a CD using a couple songs from the pc. If that works, create the AppleID and fund the account.