J & S Guard Systems

I have considered buying one of these because whats the point of having power but not for long. Longevity is key to me because money to rebuild engines is not cheap and well sometimes just not there, anyway what do you guys know about this js Safeguard system?, How much? and where would I go abouts getting one. Installation wise whats required Besides puting a sensor in the block and and basic powering of the system Word up!!!

it sucks when no one reply’s to a post uh?
i googled “J & S Guard Systems” to see what you were talking about… and found this
“word up”?

So what the hell is this? An actual link to the product would be good if anyone has it.

“Inquiring minds want to know…”

I found their web site and found that I can buy it from them, but I would still like to know peoples experience with this system, and any down sides that go w it. And yeah it does just plain suck when knowbody replies, huh.
As to what this is. I moniters for engine knock and retards the timing up to 20 deg for that particular cylinder that is knocking. Any body know where I can pick one of these up for less than 6 Bills.

You guys need to chill out, your post hasn’t even been posted here for long. I am running a J & S in my turbo teg but I haven’t completely gotten it to work right. I don’t know if it is broken or if I am not doing something right. However, I know of others that have used them with great success. You have to mount a sensor on your block and wire a harness into your ECU harness. On mine it was 6 wires that had to be spliced into the ECU harness. Not difficult at all to install. You can retard timing on either an individual cylinder or globally, or some of the new systems will retard boost too. The only thing that I and most others don’t like is the fact that you can adjust how sensitive the knock sensor is, so at times it seems trivial. You set it too sensitive and normal engine noises set it off, or you turn the sensitivity way down and detonation goes undetected. It’s really tough to calibrate. All in all I would think it’s worth it though. You can always set it up on the safe side.

You can find them every now and then on ebay and on honda-tech. I paid $300 for mine used with the monitor. I had a friend trying to sell one, so I will get back to you after I talk to him.

Yeah DO that, Thats what Im talking about, Do you know how differnt the install is w a msd sci ignition box and Blaster 2 coil. I currently have these in my DA. and dont want to get rid of them.

Word up

Is that the J&S Knock sensor your talking about. I have one for sale.

I might take that off your hand for you how much do you want for it, But i still need to get the control box first.


shoot me a price? Its yours

You got the sensor, All the wiring, intructions all the usual b.s.? Instructions im not too woried about, their web sight has the wiring diag. ( i think) I would still want some sort of booklet How old is this one and what is it out of? If you have the sensor, whats the condition of it and do you think it would need replacement? Word up


Yeah I have the knock sensor and all the wires are still good, It was put in for about 2 years and It works. If I disconnect it, the car wouldn’t start.(works fine).

Ill give you $150 and ill pay the shiping. U think we need to take this over to the sales forums?

It should be ok, just email me your address to hollister_2000@yahoo.com and I can give you my address so I can ship the J&S to your address, send me a cashier’s check. Since your a g2 member, I’ll pay for shipping. The J&S was in my 1990 rs integra turboed by Mech tech. Never had problems, ($150.00 shipped)

It would be my 1st time putting something in the sales forum. If need to be there cause of rules. Post what you need. I can reply? thanks

hold up hold up :think: are you trying to sell just the sensor or the whole system cause i went reading through the tread and you said you had a sensor, It was pcd125 that was going in to look into his buddies system and if he wanted to sell :dunno:

The whole j&s box and small knock sensor that goes to the cylinder head.

going once, going twice, SOLD :ohyeah: you do pay pal?

please call me @ 760-695-8907 Nate

I do have pay pal. Just never sold a item before. I have bought somethings with pay pal.

Ill try to call at some point today, Getting ready to go to the street machine showdown, this morning

sounds good.

Sorry dude, I havent forgot about you, Just be realy busy this week. Im going to try and give you a call L8r today. G.