Jared's 1990 Integra 4 Door Build

Hello the names Jared (Obviously)

New here, but been owning Honda’s for almost 8 years

Got a lot of ideas, but little money (Like everyone else)

So here’s a few pictures of the Teggy as it sits.


Stock 3rd Gen Prelude sawblades painted black

Need to get a few things before I start modding it. Like New Front LCA’s, New Fogs, and a few odds and ends.

But I got some good NA Plans in the works, not going to crazy mods, just a few things :slight_smile:


good luck with build

Welcome aboard, and good luck w/ the build!

Welcome! Nice DB1. I have some clear corners and stock USDM fogs I’d let go of fairly inexpensively if you are interested… g2db1again@gmail Looking forward to seeing what you do with the car; we need more 4-doors!