JDM 1 Piece Headlight Fitment

I’m having some fitment issues with my headlights. One light protrudes about 1/4" forward while the other sits flush.

Should they sit flush or protrude? Which is normal? On the protruding one, it won’t go in any further, I pressed on it firmly and if I pushed anymore the mounting tabs would probably break. My hood and bumper alignment is fine. What gives? This friggin’ sucks! :wahmb:

Look around at some other pics of members cars with one pieces. They should sit flush like the passenger side.

I would take both lights back off and compare both sides of the radiator support. There could be a minor bend somewhere. It wouldn’t take much to throw it all off.

Also don’t assume the bumper is fine. I had to fudge with mine a bit for the plastic to line up.

And put some damn shoes on… :ghetto:

I knew someone smart alec would say that.

Lol at the edit ^^^ I was just playin man

was the car ever hit in the front? I would say maybe the radiator support is bent

Nope it has never been hit, the radiator support looks fine.

The stock headlights sat flush, so there’s no reason why these shouldn’t. I’ll give it another shot this weekend.

do you have all tabs mounting the lights on? i.e. all top 3, and 2 bottoms per headlight?

the bottom tabs can help pull in or push out & keep stable by loosening the pivot point, re-tighten, then tighten the bracket that goes to towards the core support. so it either pulls in, or just keeps pushing out the bottom of the light.

other then that, for the tops, if u want it to look flush, u can remove the metal surrounding the mounting tab, and it’ll give you about another 1/4" maybe? just make sure to use a correct bolt with a larger washer to compensate for the missing surrounding metal that was originally there.

I’m gonna loosen everything up and try it again this weekend. If I still have problems I’m gonna sell these stupid lights.

Nooooooo! Do not sell them. I’m sure you will be able to get them to line up. The beam pattern is way better with those lights. It is well worth the effort. Plus the looks. I was more happy with the performance over the USDM lights.

Seeing better at night will be appreciated.

I figured it out. I’m an idiot!

There was part a wire harness behind the light that I couldn’t see. All is good now! There’s some condensation, but oh well it’s almost summer!!!