jdm b16a swap, Apexi VAFC settings???

Like the title says, what settings should be set on my VAFC to get more power??? fuel settings so my car doesn’t burn gas too rich???

Dyno. Its the only way to tell. Each setup is dynamically different.

When I had my Civic, I put the V-AFC in and started messing with the settings on the way home, I turned the VTEC unmatch settings to about 35%, lowered VTEC from stock 5700 to 4200, and got a nice big puff of blue smoke, a CEL and a dead engine at 70 mph on the freeway when my car hit VTEC in 5th. In other words, DON’T F**K WITH IT!

I would suggest Chris at hookups to tune the V-AFC, he’s really good with tuning on a V-AFC and has his own dyno.

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