Jdm B20 Or Usdm B20

Should I go with the JDM B20 or the USDM B20 and give me a reason as to why.

 Some people have told me to go JDM B20 others USDM... 

 The car is a 91 GS and I do not plan to turbo or go VTEC.


Well then you’d be better off with the low compresison USDM B20B and some JDM B20B’s.

It’s hard to say which one would be better for you. But you at least need to understand that there are two basic variants of the b20. There is a high compression(9.6:1) and a lower compression(8.8:1) b20. The JDM b20b is the high comp and the USDM b20z is as well. Now, there is a USDM b20b that is the lower compression version. Both types have 133ft-lbs of torque but the difference in compression gives the blocks 126hp @ 5400rpm and 146hp @ 6200rpm for the high and low comp blocks respectively. Now maybe you can better decide which engine you want.

Just to compare, your 91 teg makes 130hp @ 6000rpm and 121ft-lbs @ 5000rpm.

its hard to say, i’ve been researching jdm b20b’s for a while and the jap honda site gives all kinds of different specs for their b20b in their 3 different cars, with 3 different possible cr’s. But despite all that, everyone who has taken the heads of those engines who have posted all claim they are all 9.6:1 pistons. ALL of them. One guy even told me he’s had literally dozens of them apart. Do you have different experience? Or all heresay like me.


Heresay and sites like www.crvtec.com.