JDM Cluster

I thought I had a jdm cluster in tell I looked at it close and realized the three symbols on the right are different. So can some one tell me what Cluster I have? Mine is the first one and the other one is the jdm one. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/protek16/detail?.dir=/7aa2scd&.dnm=9813scd.jpg&.src=ph

Looks like the gsr cluster

its canadian!!! its kilometers but it has the same symbols as the us? i think its canadian?!

It doesn’t look like any cluster I’ve seen up here. It’s missing the MPH on the inside (Canadian clusters measure both KPH and MPH), and the center light below the ABS light should be “DOOR” not the seatbelt symbol. However, most of my experience has been with the non-GSR cluster, so it’s possible I’m wrong about that specific cluster.

Both look like JDM clusters to me. Probaly just different trim levels I’m thinkin’. One has ABS and the other doesn’t.

Just swap out the symbols with a USDM one if you dont like it.

And they’re both from a 92-93. You can tell by the needles and gauges.

maybe EDM

Thanks for the info. Just traded the cluster for some 12’s and an amp.

might be the cluster for the d series in japan