JDM DA9 one piece headlight assembly clarification and parts sourcing [?]

[SIZE=16px]Hello! I have a 1990 DA9 LS 3-door, and the previous owners of the vehicle have done their best to ruin it, now it’s in my hands.[/SIZE]

I have it all figured out, I just want to confirm some things on the headlight assembly and inquire where I could find parts, perhaps someone has extras to sell or something. I have also attached photos. Okay,

I asked the prior owners if they have the fog and main bulb sockets, they said they threw it out while cleaning the garage. The car also previously had an HID kit installed, that they removed. So, the H4H socket for the main bulb is gone, as is the fog light socket. This is true on both sides. I found a pigtail H4H harness on eBay I could wire to the harness in the car, but then I have no way to make the light sit properly. Same goes for the fog light, I imagine there is a pigtail H3 harness for it as well. I have the indicator socket for both sides, and only one side is missing the position light. I am not too concerned about the position light, for now at least. I just need to get either the fog lights or main light operational so I can begin driving it, as I intent to daily it. If assuming everything I have stated is in line with the attached photos, does anyone have said sockets I may buy from them? 2 H4H sockets for the main bulb, and 2 H3 sockets for the fog lights. If not, where else may I be able to locate these? I tried pretty much everywhere, and the OEM part importers I have been able to find, I cannot properly identify my DA9 in their system. I should add, the pervious PREVIOUS owner of the car (I meet him at our local car meets occasionally and shoot the shit about the car, he said when he sold it the sockets were on there) said this is a “true JDM”, as in it was made to Japanese Market specs, with the only difference being it LHD. The VIN is etched into all the glass, but it is a typical USDM 17 digit VIN, not a JDM 11 digit VIN. Not sure what any of this means, or if it is relevant to my lighting situation, I really just want the lighting resolved, but if anyone could fill me in that would be cool.

If you’re looking for new, have you already tried to find a newer car model that uses that headlight and buying that socket? I was able to do this a few years ago by buying some sockets off a G3 Integra – (but I was changing the bumper lights to double-filament).