JDM_Dyldo_Kid's RHD Tyte As Shit 'Stanced' K20 Da5 Build Thread

Best screen name ever dyldo kid. Made me :rofl:

You are going to embarrass your car working on it in pink undies.

Well then i guess its a good thing thats my mate in the pink undies haha…
Anywhere id get some USDM 3 pieces shipped to Ireland???

Lol. Well I did have some 3 pieces, but they are now gone. Why do u want to get rid of the one pieces?

What we have we don’t want and what they have they don’t want…part of the scenes in other parts of the world

Something hard to understand here. Haha USDM 3-piece headlights are everywhere, I could go to a junkyard and walk away with numerous sets. Let us know if you want a set! Wouldn’t be hard at all.

Hell when I had a few sets I practically had to give them away.

Let me clarify lol we have 3 piece but we dont want them but we want one piece because it’s JDM, some people who already have the one piece want the 3 piece because they want usdm…we want their parts and they want ours. Any better?

looking very good so far. cant wait to see more of it

Haha! No I totally knew what you meant when you said it the first time, what I said was misleading. When I said “Something hard to understand here,” I meant here in America. Exactly like what you said, we want their JDM one pieces and they want our USDM 3-piece headlights. Some people here (as in America) just don’t get it, or understand. I gotcha :up:

Haha iv got loads of mint sets of one pieces, all our 2nd gens are jdm, but as stated i want to try out the USDM three pieces…

what happened to this?

Very good question lol