JDM Fog Light Harness/Plug???

I just installed my JDM one pieces today and much to my shegrin I wasn’t given the foglight harnesses, just the harness for the main assembly.
My question is what is the part number or plug pattern for the JDM foglights so that I can try and find a suitable harness/plug?

I searched and found thisthread, but couldn’t pick out the plug pattern. Maybe I’m just blind?:frowning:


It’d be nice to have fogs :slight_smile:

I have the exact same problem. Some people told me I can use the USDM harness.

Not sure if it will work though since i dont know where my USDM harness is.:frowning:

The USDM harness won’t work, the plug leads are different.
How did you guys get your fogs to work??? Did everyone just hardwire them? I don’t really wanna do that, swapping the harness would be a great deal cleaner.

Just cut off the usdm harness plug and put on spade terminal connectors.

First of all the Teg Tip for installing 1pc headlights sucks and needs a serious makeover. I read where others have complianed about it and i see why. It’s missing so much info/steps/detail that you might as well learn on your own. It should seriously be revised.

So anyway, i just went through tons of threads (20-30) and this was the closest to my problem but still not exactly answered. I also read complete opposite statements in different threads regarding the wiring of the fog lights so i gave up and decided to ask…

I bought the passwordjdm jumper harness for the main lights and it works great.

My problem though (i know i’m not the first), is the little fog light harness on my car don’t plug into the JDM harness on the back of the light. Even if it did, it still wouldn’t be long enough.

So whats fact? Do i have to cut/splice/hack/solder and rewire the fogs? Or is there a jumper harness available for just the fogs? That sure would be nice but i haven’t found anything available. Links or pics would be great.
Whats the cleansest way to wire my fogs? thanks

anyone? how did you wire your fogs?

First off did your lights not come with fogs, or any of the wires for the fogs?

If they did you just wire them to the fog light harness, which is the small harness in between the side marker and the headlight itself. I just spliced them into the harness. The light should have wires running from that harness to the fog light part of the housing.

I am still confused as to what exactly your dealing with. Sorry if that’s not what you need. It’s hard to explain without pics.