JDM Fog Probs (I Searched)

Alright i searched but i still havent found a difinitive answer. I wired up my 1 pieces with spade connectors and that worked out all good. When i had my USDM heads in i rewired the fogs so that i could turn them on and off independently. Now i noticed that there were 2 plugs hanging. I figured that one was for the corner and the other fit in the foglight socket on th back of the one pieces. I think that this is where i mesed up cause my corner comes on with the parking lights and blinks with the turn signal…no problem there. But the foglights come on with the parking lights and i cant turn them on or off by the switch inside the car. Am i supposed to some how take the two wires from the usdm heads and fit them into the JDM socket. Sorry this is so long but i need to get this done and i think i have traced through every damn wire in my car.:bang: :bawl: :bored: