JDM Foglights are dim housing internal wiring?

I first thought that my wiring was bad so i completely redid my wiring which did not solve the problem. then i switched the driver side plug on the passenger side housing and the fog light remained dim. i have concluded it to be something inside the housing… does anyone know what i can do? i dont want to buy another jdm headlight.

ps. yes i searched around first.

Maybe you could try replacing the h3 bulb.

And check your connections inside for corrosion.

so should i follow the JDM Glare guard removal tip and open up the housing? and check it out? does anyone have any more helpful/easier ways to open up the housing? maybe i should switch the housings and make sure its the internals that are messed up before i go about doing this.

i think you should buy some new lightbulbs before even thinking about spliting the lights open and removing the glare guards. buy some new light bulbs and if the problem continues then split the lights apart. i personaly dont light the yellow fog light that comes with the headlights. and spliting the headlights isnt all that hard. all you need is a long flat head, heat gun or a blow dryer. and thats it. and while your lights are open you can remove the glare guard and clean your lights from the inside which will make them look super clean!! good luck.:rockon: