JDM foglights..?

Trying to figure out whats going on with my JDM headlight foglights - One of the foglights is more of an orange color after being on for 30 seconds or so and the other is a nice yellow.

I tried changing the bulbs from 12v 55w to 12v35w, tried old bulbs, new bulbs and still the same result, passenger side foglight has a very noticeable orange color to it.

Any ideas on how I could fix this?

Try cleaning as many of the ground points you may have in you’re JDM headlights.
I did this, plus it’s much brighter now on both fogs and headlights.

Nah thats not it :confused: When I first turn them on for the first 10 seconds they are both the same color then at about 20-30 seconds it has a visibly dark orange tinge to it.

Me and my buddy lined our tegs up and his are both the same color as my driver side light ( medium bright yellow ) but this one light is like the ugly step child…Looks like I have an amber bulb in it.

:shrug: dunno what to say then.

same here. one’s yellow and the other’s like a burnt orange, except it comes on like that. after awhile, it stopped working. i dont turn it on anymore.

What is wrong with our lights :o

are they both from the same manufacturer.

Hope so, I’ll check tommorow.

Haha!!!atleast all of urs work,…mine has one good greenish yellow fog light,…the other one doesnt even work,…lol,…i know is not the light bulb because i just changed that the oher day,.sum wiring problems,…

I have really sad news. Now my driver side fog light doesn’t work.
WTF :bawl:
I took a look at the inside port of fog light, I see that their are 20gauge wires in them JDM headlights.
I’ll see if I can hard wire them. I need and like having working fog lights.
My fogs did work even after the fact of installing HID’s.
Plus, those are easy to install - it was just a plug and play - kind of deal.

That sucks :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like the foglight " box " the bulbs in is white in one and grey in the other - not sure why - they are both made by the same manufacturer.

the only other thing i would say is to find a pair of bulbs you can swap out and if there both the same colors.

Done that, Got 2 35w from a teg at the werecker, tried 2 new 55w, tried each bulb in each lense and allthe same result. Seems after the lense heats up it discolors to an orange.

i suppose you could try to clean out the inside of the lense by doing the same basic thing you do to remove pink lines in 90-91 tailight just an idea otherwise im not sure sorry i cant help more on this.

I just got my jdm’s… I have 3, one of them had a darker yellow bulb cover… clean it, and you’re good, only bad thingis, unless you wanna drill out the holes for the screws you gotta do it with great finger bending…!

My JDMs have clear fogs :mad:

can i just swap in yellow H3s (55w) or do I need to find a yellow inner lense? want to get this done bad…

Has anyone done the hi/low HID install? I currently have only 1 bulb HID and I like it (crazy bright) but would like the option of having hi/low beams…

Dont know about the HI/LOW HID kit but I just went to the junkyard and found a 86-88 acura legend and took the yellow inner bulbs from the foglights!! It looks great!!:D:D