JDM Front End on a DA9

First time I’ve seen this. What you guys think?

Got this from Craigslist:


I have a 91 acura integra ls wit about 190,000 on the chasis but the car was once stolen and I rebuild the whole car again but just recently my girl told me we got a baby on the way so i got to put my kid first but I am a SUPER da fan hate to sell but not in no rush to sell just need to have extra money for in case of something or emergency i had to choose between my bike or my car to sell. I picked the car cause my bike is me and only me and i use it for commuting anyways plus i need to look for a 4 door for the baby now. I put a lot of work into this car because i thought i was going to keep this car forever but I guess not. I had plans to do another vtec swap, suspension upgrade, rims, tires, cluster, and leather interior and maybe other little stuff but now its up to you to finish what i cant. I spend well over $10,000 but im taking reasonable offers ($6-7000obo) let me know what you want dont come and low ball me you will be just wasting your time

Replacing ALL MISSING PARTS :gsr cluster8000rpm(120,xxx miles), seats (gsr black front and back), bumpers (93 front and rear), fenders (jdm with signals left and right), headlights jdm one piece, tail lights the white signal, rota rims grids 16’s sitting on yoko s drives tires, alpine deck, speakers(all around alpine type s), subs 12 JL w6, JL amp 500watt, tein suspensions and ls vtec with a ys1 tranny p28 ecu

ALL REPLACED PARTS: 98 jdm type r front complete, 99 prelude tail lights conversion, stock 91 rear bumper, kyb front shock and tokico blues on the rear lowered on after market coilovers, si rims, fronts seat blue and the back black both cloths, ls cluster wit reverse glow gauges7000rpm(220,xxx miles), alpine deck, alpine type r 12’s, pioneer speakers (only fronts no rear got lazy and sorry no amp), stock motor stock tranny ls, a paint job year and a half ago





Looks good

Don’t do it.

what was wrong with the original lights?

You have any better pix than this?? Car looks dope. I think I like it.

I love those lights on dc tegs, but i dont feel like it actually matches our cars. parts from rounder cars just dont belong on boxier cars. if you want the center grill im sure you can adapt the grill from a civic if you know how to do that kind of work. I think that would be better than putting a whole front end that doesnt really match.

The front looks alright with the dc front end, but that prelude tail conversion just killed it.

thats what im sayin. i was reading it and then it said prelude tailights and then i was like WTF!?!?!?! but yea. Naw, no other good pics. you can ask that owner tho.