jdm front support help wont line up

i have a jdm front bumper support when i try to attach it to the car it seemed the support holes dont line up with the holes on the car itself can anyone give me a little direction or any help at all thank you

Ive heard of people actually drilling or making the hole bigger to line up and bolt on, you do need the jdm bumper supports for the jdm bumper.

I didnt need the jdm supports for the front as i have both. So your mount does not line up with the support or the bumper skin is not lining up with support

looks like ur jdm bumper support is for a 92-93 integra. im assuming you have a 91. i suggest getting bumper blocks/mounts from a 92-93 integra.

i have a 91 i used the 92-93 support blocks not even close to lining up used the original 91 blocks bolts right in but now the bumper sits in like an inch to far i think i need to put washers behind the blocks and get longer bolts to make it line up but not sure did you have to do this DARUSSIANONE or did it just work out no problems

I think i used the 92 mounts cant recall but my bumper should be off in the next week or so then I can look an let you know. but I do know when I had the mount on my black one i need 92/93 mounts an no problem. An a guy I know put one on his 90 an used the 90 mounts an it went on just fine. The jdm support is the same for 90/93 not like 90/91 an 92/93 like the U.S. one hope this helps try turn the mounts or I think the mounts are marked left an right try to make sure you have them on the right side right with right left with left