JDM Gauge Cluster..........HELP!!!!!!!!!

There is a light on my cluster that blinks… right above the pic of the car on the upper far right corner …it kinda of looks like a muffler with heat coming from it . Please help me figure it out?

Mine had that prob too.

Dont know why, I just pulled the bulb.

Does anyone know what that light means…I dont just want to ignore it ???


…just pretend it’s a vtec light :wink:

I think it IS supposed to be a muffler with heat coming off it - it’s the exhaust temp warning light :slight_smile:

Hehe…nah guys thats for non-tensioning seatbelts but only in JDM cars, not Canadian. You guys will need to pull out the cluster and remove the bulb in order to get that light to shut off.