JDM headlight...H4H woes.....

cant find these damned bulbs anywhere and the h4h to h4 mod just seems a little bit too jerry rigged for me to want to do this. is there ANYTHING that can be done without having to buy h4h bulbs?
Willing to trade my headlights for one stock driver side plus you give me 85 buck cash. Located in frisco area. need this asap.

www.optauto.com has both the stanley (OEM–like 35 bucks) and the Raybrig (bright as fizzuck–like 75 bucks) H4H bulbs.

I just got myself some PIAA h4h’s when i was in japan. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: direct links to the options auto site for both brands:

stanley ($30): http://www.optauto.com/webstore/product_information.asp?number=OAS-HL-H4H&variation=&aitem=1&mitem=2&back=yes&dept=354

raybrig ($75): http://www.optauto.com/webstore/product_information.asp?number=RB-R298&variation=&aitem=2&mitem=2&back=yes&dept=354

hey stockntegra,
what color light do your piaa’s shine, just curious. i also have piaa h4h bulbs in my jdm’s and let me say they are as yellow as the fog lights like 85 watts, and of coarse no glare guard. bright as alll friggin hell. ive had cops pull me over and just scratch their head. i cant get them to prove that yellow headlights are illegal, so i always get out of it.

mine are white as snow.

as for yellow headlights, basically the U.S. DOT regulation is worded something like this (not an actual quote):

Non-emergency vehicles are allowed to have white and/or yellow forward-facing lights.

basically you SHOULD have white headlights, but if they’re yellow they can’t cite you for it. as long as you don’t have red or blue or any other color, you’ll be fine. red and blue are emergency vehicles only, and they can and will get you for that. but yellow is not illegal therefore you are not doing anything wrong.

Has anyone had any prior experience buying H4H bulbs online? If so, how long does the delivery take from online purchase date?

i need a set of H4h too, i wanna know who has the best service as far as response in shipping.

One online store (no name) … My opinion, for the one piece head lamps, took forever, dont pick-up phone calls to confirm if $ arrived ( I was the one calling), No notice of process, bad service, few days later found better pricing, regret buying from him, plus, my passenginer side had broken align-inserts that goes into the fender,no way anymore.

sorry off topic, just sharing online purchasing experience

and sharing your experience with this online store, while appreciated, has absolutely [size=6]ZERO VALUE TO US[/size] if you’re not willing to name the business. how can the rest of us avoid this business if you don’t tell us who it is? is it some individual seller on ebay? is it a more respected online store?

you need to realize there’s more than one place to buy car parts online; hopefully you’re willing to tell us the name of THIS business so we can stay away from it. if not, please just keep your waste of breath to yourself in the future.

it’s exactly the same as saying “Hey guys i found a place to get full JDM front clips for $500 but i’m not going to tell any of you where because it’s too cheap to share with anyone!! ha-ha!!”

see my point?

Does anyone know an online store that sells H4H’s and delivers to Canada?

options does

When I go to purchase the bulbs on the website, they only have delivery options for the U.S. This happens when they ask the user to do enter their ZIP code, but in Canada its called a postal code. So I don’t know what to do.

go to their ordering information page. it says right there that they ship to canada.

why not give them a call and place your order by phone? phone orders usually ship out the same day, whereas internet orders (with many companies out there) take at least a day, sometimes up to 3 days, for processing time.

or you could just try entering your canadian postal code (zip code = postal code) and see what happens.

thanks for the advice bro, I’ll give it a try.


[QUOTE]Originally posted by zoomintegra
[B]and sharing your experience with this online store, while appreciated, has absolutely [size=6]ZERO VALUE TO US[/size] if you’re not willing to name the business. how can the rest of us avoid this business if you don’t tell us who it is? is it some individual seller on ebay? is it a more respected online store?

You have to understand that the reason why I didnt put his business name on the board was because way back when I was in this board, people would get offended. Some people favor him and some dont. I dont know his repected value from this board as of today. but way back, there would be people against what I would say about him.

Well, you do have a point, but again this WAS MY experience, some or most have better experience with him. . So dont use my experience against him, you can if you want, but remember it was my experience.

This business is called B17a.com by Loc.

I dont know if he still have or NOT, the good reputation on this board when i use to be here, i just didnt wanna cause any scene.

while loc WAS a good guy at one point, he seemed to have all but disappeared from the face of the earth recently. his site was supposed to be updated nearly a year ago, and still nothing. several members had problems with orders taking a while. he explained (along with others here corroborating the story) that school was keeping him extremely busy, and that he would fulfill orders as soon as time allowed. those orders weren’t filled, and while he may have been a good guy and really well-respected, he didn’t follow through on his word. accountability did not hold true for him, and for that (until such time that he decides, although i’m not holding my breath, to give an explanation as to what’s been going on for those who lost money) he’s lost my respect and the respect of many here.

hey i just put in my jdm raybrig h4h bulbs and 194 sidemarker bulbs and you’re right, they are bright as h*ll. they lit up the road nicely as i drove back from milpitas yesterday. but be sure to adjust them and aim them down or else you’ll get pulled over. these are the only ones i an find and i love em!! i also have an extra brand new pair. i see that you’re in the yay area, email me if you want to see them.

Just ordered mine they should be here by the end of the week hope they are nice and bright and snowy white :slight_smile:

i must say, although many prolly disagree, but i like yellow. practically no one i know has heard of it before or seen it much less, but i have a set of piaa yellow h4h’s, bright as all hell. its nice cause they really light up the road (it seems anyway) better during rain and light up signs readable a mile away (exageration). i defineately encourage ppl to get them if they can find them. i got mine with my jdms from japan at a “repo” yard there … anyway