JDM headlights. missing parts?

Im hopefully going ot be buying these lights from Rebelspawn, in this link.

it looks like theyre nothing for the bulbs. what do i need to make them work?
maybe im just stupid

It looks like besides bulbs and H4H or H4 harnesses you will need a dust boot, and it almost looks like from the pic that the metal clip (not sure what it’s called) that holds in the bulb is missing? Unless its just taken out and not shown.

You can use a wiring harness from passwordjdm or get a H4 harness from a civic. Good luck with the dust boots and the clip if its missing.

For the clip, I used the “bigger gauge” paper clip & just bent it the same way as the original clip. But it helps to have one as a reference.

Mail sent white92ls531.
Yeah I have seen those boots or people that have had wrecks with theirs selling parts. I am sure it would not be too hard to get ahold of one…Yeah that clip is missing but like he said when I went to put them together I used just that -a paper clip (thick one) to use as the clip. Worked perfectly. But with these things that have to be done or gotten - thats while I am selling them for less then everyone else. I also found out that the one with the boot does have a main bulb in it so will only need one more bulb…but I dont think they sell singles…lol


exactly how does this clip hold it in? using a paperclip seems like it could come loose or fall out easily, but im not exactly sure how it works.

Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I believe they hold the light in a similar way the USDM fog light is held in. So you can use that as a reference.