jdm itr header, cat question

Hey, im buying a jdm itr 4-1 header w/ the 2.5" collector for my b16 into my 90 teg. i want to get a 2.5" cat. ive looked around and they all say ‘high-flow’ but can someone tell me which ones are at least 2.5"

also, will the header bolt up to the cat, or will i need to extend the cat forward a few inches. i had to do that with the dc header i have now, and i would really like to keep this a bolt-on affair if possible. thanks:up:

take a high-flow cat , with the setup i/h/e it works great :slight_smile: Mine is a carsound cat and it’s 2.5

yeah ive heard good things about carsound cats.

what i really really want to know is, is this going to be bolt on? is the jdm itr header longer than the dc u.s. 4-1 header that i have now?

Hey, im buying a jdm itr 4-1 header w/ the 2.5" collector for my b16 into my 90 teg.

The header will fit on to the head no problem but the thing you need to consider is the oil pan, I tried to put a JDM ITR 4-1 header on my 91 JDM B16a (500 series block) and it would not clear the oil pan because of the way the JDM’s 4-1 header turns underneath the oil pan( JDM ITR 4-1 is- side by side/ the JDM DC 4-1 is stacked two on top of each other) thats why the JDM ITR header will only clear using P72 oil pans (i belive it may clear others but im not sure, all i know is it would not clear my oil pan untill i swapped it for a P72 (gsr/itr/99+b16). I just thought you might want a little feedback!!

Whoa!! b16A im so glad you informed me of that. i have a 1g b16 so i guess it wont clear my oil pan then. i just looked at some pix of the honda itr, and dc’s itr and i see what your talking about. crap man, it seems like every mod i do to this car always causes problems.:getsome:

so now i guess i dont care if it bolts up correctly to the cat, i still wont be able to use it unless i swap oil pans.

Whoa!! b16A im so glad you informed me of that

No problem just thought i would let you know. Any other questions drop me a line and ill get back to you!!

The fact that the JDM ITR is stacked sideways and not on top is that better for anything other than clearance?


so… just to be clear on that…

i am getting JDM DC i will be sticking on a CRVtec. it will be ok right ?

just curios i have a b18c in my 92 ls and i really want a 4-1 what header can i run that will fit, itr 4-1?? dc 4-1? dc jdm 4-1?? ive heard peple putting them on there g2 but i havent seen one in person yet

GEN2TEG- the jdm ITR header is a little bit better than the jdm DC header for the fact the exhaust exits the header in the same way the ignition fires (firing order) instead of stacked two on top of each other, other than that i dont think theres a diff.

NIGHT- yeah it will fit no problem you just need to cut the front cross member beam and get your cat modified.

92LSR- if you have a GSR motor it has the P72 oil pan on it already so you will have no problems with what ever header you decide to go with

so the ITR header will not work with a 92 LS motor? So I could buy a oil pan from a 92-93 GSR and that should clear?

so the ITR header will not work with a 92 LS motor? So I could buy a oil pan from a 92-93 GSR and that should clear?

I dont think it will work with the LS oil pan of 90-93 but swapping it for the 92-93 gsr or 94+ gsr you will have no problems with the header clearing the oil pan.

Now I thought that the GSR oil pan was larger (doesn’t it hold more oil). I remember someone talking about GSR oil pan clearance problems or something like that. I need a new oil pan and header, so I am considering to replace with GSR or ITR components. No problems right?

Now I thought that the GSR oil pan was larger (doesn’t it hold more oil)

It may hold more oil but im not sure the only diff is in the sump part of the oil pan the P72 oil pans have diff baffles in the pan itself where the ls dont have the diff baffles. For off road use type things (like SCCA racing) doesnt allow shortage off oil to the pickup. Other than that the way the pan fits on the block are all the same the diff is in the slope it has where the pickup picks up the oil the P72 oil pans make a direct sharp turn where all the others take a gradual slope and thats what plays a part in fitting the diff type headers. Any more questions ill try to post as often as i can. JEFF

ok, well let me explain, I was going really fast in a “falling rocks” zone, and of course hit a huge rock. My header and the oil pan took a nice hit. Well, both are dented, i am leaking oil pretty fast and want to replace the pan. The header being damaged is most likely not flowing properly, so i need to replace both parts. Since it is easy to just do at once, i have decided to replace both. I am just wondering if a GSR or ITR pan and header would be something that is good to replace with. I have a non-vtec motor, but down the road may do a swap, so I don’t want to get a chikara. I also don’t get smogged on my car, so would a JDM 4-1 header be a good choice or will the gains be minimal. And is there any drawbacks to a GSR pan?


Going with the P72 oil pan (vtec) would be beneficial for the fact if you run a jdm itr header you will need it as far a performance and cost are the same the only diff if your doing SCCA racing a P72 oil pan is needed. As far as header goes use which ever one you want, if you use a ls header for your year of car then you will have no problems bolting it up but if you go with say ITR, GSR, B16 header you will need to modify the extension between cat and header, using a GSR header there is no O2 sensor port so you will need to drill one, but other than that i say go with a P72 oil pan, and then choose the header haveing the p72 will help you out down the road!!

I don’t think doing a little modifying will be a problem. So maybe the JDM ITR? So do I currently have a 4-2-1?

b16a4door so u didnt have any problems when you got the new oil pan ,you didnt have to notch the cross member??? what cat you running is there 2 o2 sensors on the dc jdm header and the itr ?? i just really want to know what i need before i go out and buy the stuff , i was thinking either comptech ,dc jdm or jg elbrock 4-1 header i cant stand this old dc 4-2-1 header ,thanks for any info

How is this header? Will it work with the P72?


yeah i saw those on ebay im kinda of skeptical about those headers they look nice but for 70 dollars , i dont trust them and there not carb certified ,im looking into comptech headers