jdm lower control arm??

i have a question which my friend asked me and im not sure how to answer his question…apperently he went to a used parts place which carries used jdm parts and and asked them if they carried some used rear lower control arms for his 93 da9…i know i got some people flaming me here before about changing the whole control arm as opposed to just changing the bushings, but here in canada with all our winters and salts all year round, most of us canadians prefer to just change the whole thing due to seized bolts as it’s cheaper to do so…unless u do your own work of course…keep in mind, this is the same place i got my lower control arms as well, but i got the usdm/cdm control arms and not the jdm control arms…now the dilemma here is that the guy at the shop told him that the jdm rear lower control arms are different then the usdm/cdm version and would require him to buy the shocks with them…is this true?? he doesnt want to spend extra money buying shocks he doesnt need…i never heard of this problem before regarding jdm rear lower control arms…so im not sure what to tell him…any input would be greatly appreciated…

sounds like the place is showing him some ITR rears…

JDM ITR and JDM 90-93 Integra (DA6) rear lower control arms are the same style. They aren’t exactly identical, but the differences are quite small, given a quick look they will look the same.


i believe the one he was reffering to was a jdm da9 rear lower control arm…i dont see why he would need the jdm struts for it to work though??

so the question is…will the jdm rear lower control arms bolt right up to the usdm/cdm da integra without using the jdm shocks??

All of the JDM rear lower control arms (DA/EF/EG/DC) use the ITR style rear struts. So, no, the stock USDM/CDM rear struts will not work with them. They will bolt right up, but like the guy at the shop said, you will need the JDM rear struts.


bumping an old thread but i got a question.

for the jdm DA/EF/EG/DC, since they all use the itr style rear shock set up, would you be able to just swap the lca to the usdm style? if not, does that mean for any aftermarket suspension, you would have to get it for the itr to work? if possible to just change the lca it would make things easier…
from this

to this

Yes you can change to a USDM lca and use non-ITR suspension.

thank you for clearing that up. that means all the different suspension set ups for the DA/EF/EG/DC/ITR are all interchangeable just by changing the lca. thats a lot of possible options.

Not exactly… The rear ‘fork’ on EKs for example, are not the same size as DC forks. That’s why they make LCAs specific for each chassis.

Stick with stuff that was made for the DA and you’ll be best off.

oh. i didnt know that.

well the thing is, on the xsi, the rear lca is itr style. if i change it to usdm style wouldnt that make the strut sit lower than normal?

Why would it?

US LCAs are designed to use with US struts. They’re made to work together.

You can’t use ITR style struts with US style LCAs, and vice versa… so like I said, get the stuff that’s MADE FOR YOUR CAR.

I dont think i was clear.

I understand that the usdm lca was made for the usdm strut and vice versa. Im not saying i want to mis match, What im saying is, since the xsi was made with itr style lca’s wouldnt changing it to the usdm style lca to use usdm style struts made for the da, make the strut sit lower than it would in its usdm counterpart?

Or in other words, does the itr style lca sit higher than the usdm style lca?

The only way to find out is to line the up and see.

BUT, from the looks of it the LCA’s all sit at the same height. The only thing that might be different is the actual shock and spring set up. I’m running DC skunk2 pro-c coilovers in my DA right now with the eg/dc front forks. The only difference is the DC shocks are larger in diameter.

i will be getting my lca’s soon and will post up how/if they fit.

edit: got my usdm lower control arms in and they fit like a glove. all the holes are in the same exact spot and there is no difference.