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I have my old AEM CAI from my 91 GS that got totalled but I am unable to use it because I wasn’t able to pull off the hoses and the little grommet / spacer thing that mounts the Unit. I bought a JDM CAI because it looks like it has the same mounting hardware and hoses, but I bought it for like 1/3 of the cost of my AEM. It looks like, after opening the box, I can use either one. Is it going to make a difference whether I use the JDM or AEM? I’d like to use the JDM because it’s chrome and my AEM is blue (my old car was light blue) but if I’m going to suffer in the performance department I’ll use the AEM. I’d rather have the increased throttle response then a matching CAI.



what is a jdm intake? what makes it so jdm? all it is is a pipe and filter.

chrome or blue is not going to cause a loss of performance :roll:

try searching on intake performance. i have posted a lot of info on intakes already. pipe length, diameter all play a role in a good intake.

To add, if you don’t feel like getting a ticket for your intake, keep the AEM which has a carb e.o#.

I’ll admit Spikey, I don’t know what makes it JDM, the place I bought it from says JDM so that’s what I called it here. It was cheap and I really didn’t care about brand name at the time. What I wanted was the hoses and mounting hardware. BUt the chrome looks all around better under my hood. Yes I know color will not make a difference, what I was asking is if AEM does something spectacular and if it isn’t any better then why is it so much more expensive then non brand names?

I did some searches before posting and came up with a few interesting reads but nothing that states clearly…AEM gives this much gain and this brand gives this much gain etc. If in reality all that matters is length / diameter…they really look identical. In fact if I didn’t know any better I’d say they were both the same exact thing other than one is blue and one is chrome. Added bonus with the new one: it came with a short ram conversion kit so it can be changed in the rainy season to avoid water getting sucked into the engine.


uhhh? so you can call anything JDM then? i have a JDM computer since my mom said “everything is JDM to you”

by the way… provide pics so we know what youre talking about.

OKay why is everyone so fixated on this JDM thing? Call it a Rice Krispy CAI for all I care, All I wanted to know was whether it would be any different then the AEM. :shrug:

AEM is expensive because it has a carb e.o number making it legal in CA.

Thanks Spikey. You answered my question. I’ll use the AEM, I can definately do with less tickets! I used to be a Chevy Truck guy before I fell in love with G2s so a lot of this is still new to me.

Hey Spikey…one other question that may need to go in another forum but maybe you can answer real quick. I was at a speed shop and I noticed that the CAIs they were selling for a 91 Integra only had 2 inputs for hoses. My AEM has holes for 3 hoses and the OEM unit connects to these 3 hoses too. But the one they were selling only had 2. Also, as I look around on ebay I see that some of the ones for sale also only have inputs for 2 hoses. Can one of these be plugged and ignored?

Edit: Nevermind, I did a search and found the answer. :roll:


that should answer everything.

ill buy the JDM intake from you
let me know:P
iam in sj too

Soontobe…$30? Total cost plus shipping for me was $60 off ebay. Let me know and I’ll meet you. I took it out of the box and then put it right back in as soon as I decided to put my old AEM on (Thanks to Spikey). Oh, I also didn’t use any of the hardware or hoses they are still in the box as well. I pulled an extra hose off my wrecked bike that fit the connection to the valve cover and the other 2 smaller hoses I just used the exisiting ones. I pulled the long metal nipple things out of the OEM intake, reversed them and insertied them into the AEM intake through the gromets. So all the hoses that it came with are with it. I guess I could have just said “Everything it shipped with is included” but I’m long winded. :nana:

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I would stick with the AEM for CARB reasons, as well as the fact that it at least has some R&D behind it. AEM’s also came with a K&N filter which will definitely be much better than the filter the knock-off intake came with.

If you don’t like the colour of the AEM intake, consider painting it. I used a ceramic based silver spray paint on my 3" CAI extension, and it turned out quite nicely.