JDM P72 vs. USDM P72 chipped

Hey guys. I had a USDM GSR swap in my car. It ran good for a little while. I decided to chip the ECU and got it chipped to run a USDM GSR with basic boltons, B16 Intake Cam, VTEC set at 5,000, etc. Anyway, when i put the motor the motor was put in the car (out of a gsr integra with 120k) we didnt do a timing belt and bent a valve. I have since went with a JDM GS-R long block. The car doesnt seem to be running as well as the other GS-R did. I’m wondering if its because the usdm gsr ECU is running it. I know theres a difference in compression, but would it make a noticeable difference? Do you think i’m running lean with this ECU?

EDIT: also, is it true that JDM ECUs are governed at around 118mph???

Yes…JDM ECUs are governed to 180km/h.

As for your other question, I can’t help you.

u will be running a little lean, but compared to normal fuel levels in a tuned car, it should be normal.

Cars always come off the factory rich because rich=safe. If i were u i would find a wideband and check it for sure tho.

also what is ur engine mat?