jdm rear foglights for a sedan

ive never seen them before where do i get some?


:shrug: :pixstfu:

i want a pet yeti. I’ve never seen a pic or one nor do I know if they exsist but where can I find one???

next time do a search…there’s a couple of thread about this.

here’ the link to another guys website, he has them installed.

Just like all the honda jdm rear foglights, i believe these were optional on some cars.

good find. i know some del sol have em on the trunk

Searching was easy.

Here’s some example pics I found on Honda Tech.

^^only one fog. thats weird.

not really, I had read somewhere that its the side opposite to the driver, but then, the EF civics have both of them…I guess it was all up to the buyer, since they do sell teh left side fog, and the right side fog.

what about the s2000 being in the middle? how does that work lol.

wat do you mean? some use 2 in the bumper, some just 1, and some in the trunk…simple :think:

now I want one…

^ well i guess the simplest way is to paint one of the reverse lights red just like the crx and make a switch thats turns it on

imo i think its ugly cuz its only one…

i saw some on this site www.jdmland.com

Wasnt that an option for cars usually in England? Anyways does anybody know what real lip is that on the DB1 in the link that Sammyloski posted?

It is available on all European models.

fuck the light - that rear lip is sick- minus the tow hook

I think i saw some on www.passwordjdm.com or www.jdmshit.com They lable them as DA/EF ect.