Jdm side moldings easy to take on AND off?

Ok, so I just bought an ls coupe almost a month ago now. It has a small dent on the passenger door. I think if I replace the molding (with some jdm thins) it will look a ton better til I get the body work done eventually (the car is going to be white/resprayed honey beige).

My question is: should I just wait til after the car gets painted to throw the moldings on? Cause I don’t want to risk damaging the moldings later if I do decide to put them on now.

I tried taking mine off and they were not easy. I ended up putting a little indent I’m the molding And I got a little pissed

I would just wait till you paint it.

i would take off stock moldings paint and then put on the new thin side moldings.they are kinda hard to take off and you dont want to risk bending them.

Sounds like I’m living with that dent til paint later. Oh well. Thanks for the feedback guys!