JDM Vtec Headlights working?

Me and a buddy of mine yesterday recently put in his JDM Vtec Headlights for his 2nd Gen Integra. The wiring was somewhat confusing. The first thing I noticed is that they had different model numbers. They are 1 piece headlights. The thing is when we put the first one in, it was somewhat alright. We tested the headlight, foglight, brights, and the side light. But when we put the second one in the side light on the front right wasn’t working any more. Now here’s the thing. One of the headlights had 4 wires going into the side light. The turn signal and all that crap. That was the easy one that we got to work. But the second one had only 2 wires on the headlight but we had 4 running out from the car. So what we did was strip and crimp both the reds and both the black wires running from the car and connected them to the headlight. Im pretty sure that’s not the right thing to do lol. Both the headlights and fog lights work but the front left and front right side lights dont and neither do the rear lights now. Any input on how to fix this is greatly appreciated. Sorry if it’s hard to understand I tried my best to explain it ;). LoL


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Follow that, and you’ll be set.

Also, there are more wires coming out of the car because the JDM headlights only have a parking light at the turn signal…they dont flash or anything like that, the extra input on the parking light is for the sidemarker. If you dont have sidemarkers, dont use that input…pretty simple.

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