jdmjunkie - didnt want this to happen

I hate that it has come down to this but I am not left with much of a choice.

I came across a set of headlamps for sale from jdmjunkie. Being that I wanted them, I went ahead and bought them. We sent texts back and forth for a while and decided on a price for them shipped. With a small issue I was having at the time we worked out a payment option and the money was sent to him on the 1st of Dec and he picked up the money the following day. We kept in touch for about a week and due to his car not running and work he has been busy and unable to ship. I’m fine with that. Fast forward to last Sunday, I send him a message asking about the headlamps…nothing. I have senthhim a text every day since with no reply back. I have sent him an email with no reply. The money is not an issue since money comes and goes. I am a very patient person and will wait for parts as long as the seller keeps in contact which is not the case here. I do not want to take legal actions but will if I must. If anyone can reach him and have him call me that would be awesome. I think 12 days is plenty of time to box them up and ship them out especially given that I paid $15 more than what was set to help with shipping. I will post the link in a few.


get ready to do that paypal claim. I think 14 days is long enough to wait on him.

Didn’t go through PayPal and not concerned with money. My job pays very good and money comes and goes.

Well when you put things that way, I guess its okay(?) he took your money?

I just want the lights and I don’t want to have to pursue legal action but I will. I’m trying to be patient and hopefully this can get resolved peacefully.

Last activity on g2ic was December 11 2012 10:31:41. Two days ago

Last activity on his FB was yesterday. I’ve sent texts, emails, messages, and will start the phone calls this evening when work calms down.

Here is his other thread on a different site that he hasn’t updated as being sold.


Hey medic I just got a text back from him asking to buy his headlights. And he did reply back within 3 minutes saying they were already sold. So I don’t know what his deal is… Did you buy them for $325?

Didn’t want to interfere but can’t help when stuff like this happens on G2IC, hurts the image of G2IC and its sellers…

$315 shipped. Just got a text from him as well.

Good to hear. Hope everything works out. Keep us updated.

Trying to post a screen shot but my phone won’t let me. Thought this damn S3 was hot shit.

That’s a bunch of bullshit, he could of responded in a thread or by email without a phone and had someone drop the package off for him.

Lol ^that and he could have used that $315 to pay for his cellphone bill

I am far more forgiving than most other people and probably the most patient person you will ever know and it’s because I know what I am capable of doing and don’t really want to go down that path with anyone. I just want this settled. While I do agree with the above posts, I’ll refrain from calling him out any further as long as they are shipped by the weekend.

you are a far more patient man than I am… after 2 weeks of runaround by a guy on here… I turned everything I sent regarding my transaction to the San Diego police… a deal is a deal and while not signed in blood it is a binding agreement and a serious point of honor to handle a transaction properly…

I just hope they are shipped by the weekend.

glad to see it get resolve.

Not resolved until the headlights are in his possession. I doubt he will even hear from him tonite, hopefully he does and has a tracking number sent to him in the morning