JDP 4dr rear visor --- Gauging Interest

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to see if there’s any interest for me to develop and produce a JDP version of the rear visor for the 4 doors. :slight_smile:

I need at least 20 people on this…$20 deposit (nonrefundable), which will go towards the final price. Price will probably be $230 + $30 shipping.

If there’s enough interest, then I start up an official list in the sponsor section.



Put me down for one… 1sickG2

you know im down…where do i send the deposit…lol

YESSSSS im downnn!

cmon’ people…i know theres more guys out there that want these for their db1’s…

damn either people dont know this thread is here, or this forum just moves reallyyyyyyyyyy slowwwwwwwww…lol…ill spread the word…

i saw it but im not a fan of the 2 door visors so i really don’t think i would be a fan of them on the 4 door.

+1…Only I like on the 2dr! I just couldn’t picture what it might look like on a sedan??

bump anywayz!

bump for a good guy!

Not for nothing…

But what ever happen to the 4 Door Rear Bumper Lip? I was all in for that and nothing.

Not enough interest for the rear lip…sorry

try bringing it back up i know i will get one and sideskirts and any pix of the 4dr visor

I would be down for getting one come spring time when the four door is up and boosted. Going to need the rear 4 door trunk lip spoiler in spring as well.:slight_smile:

i would probably be down as well

wish I could see what you have in mind first.

bump lets get these made

[QUOTE=darin d;2103077]i would probably be down as well

wish I could see what you have in mind first.[/QUOTE]


bump lets get these made

count me in! Ive been waiting for one to be made

I’m so in…