Jerking in 4th gear

Hey, i dont think this is a tranny problem but it has only happened in fourth

I am accelerating or pretty much just got into 4th and it jerks foward a little bit when i am driving, like when you’re walking and someone gives you a little push from behind. It lasts a few seconds and stops, but it has happened twice and i would like to nip it in the bud before it becomes a problem. My distributor is relatively new so i didnt think itd be that, like its shiny and sticks out in the engine bay as a new piece. Anyone come across this before?

My Integra:
RS coupe hatch
all stock

hmmm only in 4th tho? if it was ur motor mounts it would happen more frequently. check those anyways. how old is ur clutch?

Thats wierd that it happens in 4th gear only:think:

Is there any more specific information you can give, part throtle/full throtle, RPM, Speed, ect, ect?

Maybe check you TPS voltage and make sure it with in spec.:shrug:

clutch is pretty old, i drove a subaru legacy and it was SO easy compared to mine, i could prob use a new one deff but i didnt think that would cause it. It ranges from 30-50 miles an hour, i dont wanna say it is only in fourth but the past couple times thats what gear i was in, and this is when im accelerating. I dont know the exact RPMS but it would be between 2-3 cuz i shift when it reaches 3

it happened again, this morning in 4th, my RPMS were 2500 and i was going around 40mph. It was while i was accelerating (speed limit was 55), by the time i got into 5th it was gone

start off with testing the integrity of the clutch… put it in 5th at a low speed and put the throttle to the floor… does your rpm go up?

what would you say is a low speed to do this at?

basically when you’re at 1200 rpm in 5th… just put the throttle to the floor and see if rpm increases quicker than speed…

ok, i put it in 5th and let it drop down to 1200. I gave it a lot of gas. I heard a rapid rattle noise coming from my glove box area. The two needles mirrored each other in position and speed. It was like they were measuring the same thing it was a little weird.

what does this mean?

bump for it Easter Weekend?

that doesn’t really make sense. if your clutch was slipping, the RPMs would rise, and the vehicle speed wouldn’t go anywhere really.


pull them out, inspect the o-rings, pull the injectors apart and check for any abnormal wear or clogging… clean them up and go for a rip and see what happens…