Jet V-force

buy one… i got it direct for $220 (you can get cheaper) It was easy as hell to install, and it gave me the most power of all the mods that I have (I have plenty)

Call me stoopid, but what is that?

me too

yeah good call. Im stoopid too. whats this jet thing and where can you purchase.

here’s some info… I got it direct from them and paid the price you see, but I’m sure you can find it cheaper… just select your car in the v-force pull down menu…

It’s simply a piggy back computer that cuts into the tps and map sensor… modifying the fuel and ignition curve, and boy o boy does it work (I have a non-vtec, they sell a vtec version, so I haven’t experienced that.)

So what do you do, just tell them your mods and they send you a new ECU? Then you just plug the new ECU in and go? Any more details you could give us?

no no… the vforce is a pre-programed computer, all you do is select 88-00 honda with or without vtec and then when you get it you just cut into 2 wires and connect power, it’s as simple as that.

BIGe- Have you done any dyno runs or can you really feel the new power. Ive heard that the v-force is very minimal unless your running a boosted setup.

all I can say is that when I turn it off, it seems a lot slower… so either it actually works or it purposely slows down my car.

Hey guys, I would do alot of homework on this product before buying it. A new computer is not a magic bullet. My understanding of modifying programming with a motor that is not heavily modified(ie: only i/h/e) has only marginal improvements. Most people tell me that the car tends to run more smoothly but not a large noticeable gain in torque or horsepower. Imo, spend your money on suspension(shocks,springs and new bushings), i/h/e, and new wheels/tires. You will be very surprised by how much better your car performs just by doing that. Then get a new computer. The new computer is on the bottom of my list of goodies.

a new computer will do jack for you… that’s not really what this is though. (kind of)

re: v-force

My brother drives a 2000 Tacoma 4x4 with h/i/e. he recently bought the v-force for his truck, and believe me, it works (not that he can beat me- i embarras him all the time) Acceleration seemed to increased across the entire power band. I plan on buying one myself.

finally… I’m not in the boat by myself.:smiley:

I think ill try one of these but ill have to wait to get an account with JET. Thanks for the review!!

Just be carefull when running a chip or re-programmed fuel map with an Adjustable FPR. Unless it’s close to or at stock press!

I checked out JET’s website. It’s a bust. It’s broke. It sucks. Doesn’t tell me what I’m getting for my $239.00.

Yanno, just THAT is enough to tell me not to buy this thing…

Just my humble…


you’re right, the site does suck… but read super street and sport compact car (don’t ask me the issue, I just remember reading it!) and see the good things that they have to say about it.

I hear ya, but here’s how I feel:

If you’re not serious enough to put forth a respectable website then you’re not serious enough for my hard-earned cash.

I hate when I go online looking for quality and find this kinda crap. they should have just put a single page that said “Call Us At 1-800-XXX-XXXX” and I would have at least been able to say “hey, they know they can’t do a good site, which means they thought about it.”

What their site is now looks like something my sister did in Microsoft FrontPage. It plain stinks. That speaks volumes about how serious of a company this is, no matter what anyone else says or what the reviews say. The reviews don’t tell you that “I had a strange thing happening when I installed this and I couldn’t get any tech-support nor could I find any info on their shi**y website.”

Even McF***ingDonald’s has a decent website. Come on. WHO IN THE HELL goes to the McDonalds website???


I think you hear me knocking…


Big E

What has that thing done for your car. You were kinda vague about the benefits. The website claims 12 to 14 horsepower for our Integras. That is nonsense if you ask me.

That little voice inside that tells you this is a BS claim is called…



Right on Jay!