JG 303cams + Nitrous

Can I use nitrous with these cams without getting overlap + fuckin shit up. How much nitrous would be safe?

IMo have another motor ready if u decide to use the giggle juice. well anything over a 50 shot.

Yeah anything under 50 would be dry… I dont wanna lean it out too much, but right now its running over rich…

Dr. Nick,
how’s yer idle issue’s with the 303s? and are still running the stock 240cc injectors?

It idles like a hot rod with the 303s they are pretty much the same as the crower 404s

I’m using stock injectors with a SAFC and FPR.

ahhh SAFC no help in leaning out the mixture huh? no access to a wide band o2? and yah 303’s definitly idle like a hotrod.