JG 66 - 62 bored spec TB

Well I got it installed and everything seems to be running fine now. I had the use the TPS off of my b18a but it works. This is a b16a bored by JG TB 66 mm inlet and 62 butterfly to create a velocity stack flow characteristics.

Installation: extremely easy to do, only thing need to know is how to deal with TPS before you do the whole job.

Performance: a good amount of low end tq and i mean real low like 1000-3000 i can feel a good amount diff. Top end hp prob not too much, it did’nt seem to be any faster but the cars seems to be more responsive and rev a lil smoother. Also the dip around 3500-4000 was dampened.

conclusion: worth it if you have cams

well after some adjustment with the AF with my SAFC i was able to imitate what it was like before except now there is more tq in low end and horsepower gains that you can feel above 4k. but the dip is still kinda back now though =P. but oh well =) overall def worth the money

how much do they charge for that service?

i bought it from someone else for 120 shipped but i believe it’s like 150 -200 or something close to that for the same setup.