Unfortunately I don’t make it on this forum as much as I used to. I still rock my G2IC shirt like a boss even though I don’t own one anymore. Anywho, I’d like to share a recent experience I had with JHPUSA and warn any of their prospective customers.

I promised the customer service rep this would end up on all the forums I’m apart of, so here it goes.

JHPUSA sucks. Customer service. Shipping. Communication. Updating their site as to what products are in stock. All around, they blow.

I placed an order on 9/8/12 for 2 things.

  1. Spoon Shift knob
  2. Blox performance intake kit

On 9/15 I received by shift knob in a torn up ripped up reused Supertech box. I understand boxes get beat up in shipping, but Jeebus they charged $17 to ship a flippin’ shift knob from California to Tennessee USPS and couldn’t send it in a new box? C’mon.

So I wait a few days to see if my Blox kit shows up. I never received an email as far as tracking or anything but didn’t really care. So on 9/17 I email and ask if they have any tracking information or an update on the status of my order. I am told to log in to my account to find that info. Hm funny, I didn’t create an account when I checked out. So, I try anyway to log in with the email address I used to order and, shocker, I couldn’t get loged in. So, I email them back and explain that and they said there is nothing they can do. Huh? You can’t tell me what’s up with my order?

So after 3-4 days I email again asking what’s going on with my order. They then tell me that the Blox kit is out of stock and won’t be in for 2 weeks. Ok, I’ll wait. Unhappily, but I’ll wait. I also check their website and it still says the blox filter is in stock and leaves the warehouse in 1-2 days. Funny. You’re telling me it’s out of stock. Which is it?

2 weeks go by and still no sign of my filter kit. I let a little more time go by to see if it maybe shows up and it doesn’t. October 9th rolls around and still no sign of the filter kit. So I email JHP asking what’s going on since it’s been over a month since I ordered it and ample time since they said they’d be receiving the shipment from Blox. They say now they still don’t have them in and have not received an ETA from Blox. Really? Where did that 2 week ETA come from?

Oh, and their website still says the filter kit is in stock and ships in 1-2 days…

So I ask for a similar product recommendation explaining to them all I really need is a 3 inch filter. They can’t give me one. I’ll I need is a flippin’ 3 inch filter and you can’t recommend one? Really? What kind of place is this? You have multiple ones listed on your website and you can’t recommend one?

After being told this I send the following:
Is there a similar product that you would recommend? If not, then I would like a full refund.

And I receive this:

We will process your refund.

Thank you

That leads me to believe a full refund is in order. Or did I misread that? Nope, don’t think I did.

5 days after the email I log into my online banking for my credit card and see that I have been refunded $53.47 instead of $60 which is what the Blox filter cost with free shipping. So at this point I’m somewhat confused. Money isn’t the issue. I could give a damn about $7, but I’m a principle kind of guy and I feel like I’m getting screwed for JHP’s mistake.

So I call JHP on Thursday 10/18 to find out what’s going on. I’m told the rep handling my refund is at lunch and that I can leave a message and he’ll call as soon as he gets back. So I leave my name and phone number and, shocker, I don’t receive a call back.

Friday the 19th I call JHP on my lunch break and speak with the Customer Service manager and basically was told tough S*$%. Then he back tracks and informs me that because I used a 5% off coupon for orders over $100 that when I cancelled the filter it reversed the coupon basically making me pay fill price for the shift knob.

In essence, JHP has now gone back and charged me full price for the shift knob that I’ve had for over a month because they didn’t have the filter kit in stock. HUH? Why am I paying for your mistake. The manager then goes into a schpeel about profits and losses and what not. I’m a business major. I’m well aware of how business works. No need for this, just make this right with me. He then tells me they won’t do anything. I then ask to speak to the rep that is handling my refund that was supposed to call me back the day prior. He says he can’t do anything anyway so he won’t let me speak with him.

Seriously? Now you are just pissing me off dude.

Finally I talk to the guy and he explains the same thing about the 5% coupon and explains he understand my frustration but there isn’t anything he can do.

Fine, put me on the phone with someone who can. He says nobody can. I find that hard to believe but ok. I get back on the phone with his supervisor/coworker/manager as he calls him and he tells me the owner of the company explicitly told him to not refund the full amount even after the customer service rep told me he would. I ask why and he keeps saying company policy. I ask to speak to the owner and he says he’ll have him call me that day.

Shocker, he never does.

I receive a message the next day from the manager asking to call him. I call and he tells me that the owner doesn’t have time to call me. And that’s the final straw.

I get you run a company. I get you are busy. When a customer has an issue, no matter how much money is involved, you take care of it. Whether that be calling and telling me tough s*** or making it right with me, you fix it. That’s good business. Everything JHP did here was bad business. Charging someone more money after they have received an item because of your mistake is completely wrong and absolutely ridiculous.

So beware before you buy from JHP.

Yes, this is a long rant over $3, but again it’s about principle not the money. And needless to say, I won’t ever be ordering from these fools again.

Damn that sucks bro. JHP wont get my money either, good to know.

Sounds like RaM is running the show there.

I ordered a few things from them and had no issues… Though I never had to speak or deal with anyone there… Sounds like I’m lucky in that respect lol

Sorry to hear man. Sucks when companies can’t do proper business.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they would have held up their word. That’s one thing I can’t tolerate. If posting this keeps one person from ordering from them then I feel accomplished. They hit me in my wallet, so now it’s my turn to hit them in theirs. :slight_smile:

Sounds like little has changed, sadly.

i’ve ordered from them several times, and no issues

same here, ,several order, no issues ever…actually thought they were the better of the places ive ordered from

Who were you dealing with at JHP? I had an issue I needed resolved with them a year or so ago and Eric was really hard to get a hold of and he wasn’t very good about responding to emails or making it clear what was going on. Luckily I had another contact there to help expedite the process (who normally isn’t involved in sales), or at least give me the confidence I needed not to worry about getting f’d in the long run.

The rep that was handling my refund was Edgar and the Customer Service Manager is Darrell. I asked To speak to Darrell’s boss and the only person above him is the owner Chao or Zhao or whatever is the one who doesn’t have the decency to call me.

I’m sure not everybody has had a bad experience with them. This is on Honda tech now and there are more people that have had the same issue with back orders only theirs have involved more money. All I would say to anyone that is going to order from them, call them and find out if your item is actually in stock.

This is more and more true with any internet business these days. So many places drop ship or just have stuff on their site and it isn’t backed up by either stock in house or by a computer telling them how much is in national warehouses… Most of the smaller places like this I always call to place an order now.

Yup. That’s true. I was looking for the chrome Neuspeed bar and several places said it was available for purchase. Turns out Neuspeed stopped making it several years ago because of some California law (big surprise) and the distributors don’t update their websites.

Damn that’s shyt sucks and I wanted to get Asr subframe brace now I don’t know if to order it