JUNKYARD FIND full thermal exhaust $20 bucks!!

i found a full thermal exhaust for 20 bucks at a junkyard…cant wait to get the ebay muffler off!!

Nice find and price

wow nice find. I think i need to hit up some junk yards. i need to find some oem wheels :slight_smile:

that’s freakin sweet. i love the junkyard finds

thats whats up, which exhuast is it the 2.5 or 3 turbo? thats a sweet find man, congrats

Looks exactly like my DC sports exhaust. Great find, the sound is pleasing to the ears.

2.5" or 3"?

nice find, but they’re loud. lol

why not double your money?
i’ll give you 40$

looks just like my thermal, except you paid like 200 bucks less than I did… great find. Its a nice sounding cat back, the only thing i did was change out the big tip in favor for a dual

honda did right from the factory, i prefer the dual tip as opposed one huge banana can.

Looks like I’m not the only one that likes dual tipped exhausts. I thought I was weird.

2.5 and it even came with a test pipe…if anyone wants the exhaust i have on it now lmk…its custom made wit cannon, sounds decent tho…


What size did you have on it and how much?

:werd: Expecially if you use a test pipe. I was just thinking the other day why I don’t see more after market parts on cars at the salvage yard.

^cause people like this guy go get them before long.

also, most people who have mods buy the car back, sell off the parts and then take it to the yard.

ii’ll take it, what size is the exhaust on the car right now? whats it look like, text some pics of it to me at (412)736-6999.

i think 2in and make offer

damn that cheap

you still looking for oem rims? its been months