Junkyard maintenance parts?

There are a lot of G2s in the junkyard I normally visit. I want to stock up on maintenance parts, to lessen future expenses- but what should I be looking for (stuff that’s easy to obtain, but will last a while- multiple labor charges will offset the savings and time saved)? What will soon be failing on a 20 year old car?

The only thing I can add to this list is fuel injectors… I can also include body panels, trunk hatch, etc… but my car’s body is in impeccable condition.

Any ideas?

main relay , Integrated Control Unit to name a few LOL:up:

  • idle air control valves
  • main relay
  • buttons and switches
  • as many bolts and nuts as you can find
    anything really

Upper/lower control arms, ball joints/tierods, suspension bolts.


distributer parts,light bulbs,fuse,any relays,axles,brake pads,indide door handles just to name a few

[QUOTE=///Nick;2173442]- idle air control valves

  • main relay
  • buttons and switches
  • as many bolts and nuts as you can find
    anything really[/QUOTE]


I have a box of interior screws, bumper bolts, body panel bolts, screw clips, and third brake light screw holders. 'Cause I swear everytime i’m doing something to the car I lose a few screws.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

Interesting side story- I did manage to visit the junk yard a few days after starting this thread, and the G2s previously available were stripped to the bone!

I did manage to find some odds and ends, (bolts, retaining clips) and best of all, I didn’t get charged for them!

lol fuckit, just take the whole damn car!

The chrome 10mm nuts on all Honda valve covers, never seem to have enough of those.

Yea, I went back today, to find a fresh GS integra. Tomorrow is free parts day too (50$ for all you can carry).
Took several of those 10mm valve cover nuts (stripped 2 VC bolts, and I just used some random 10 mm bolt- I think from an old bed) along with trunk shocks, ECU (manual- I have an auto 91 integra- anyone in Scarborough wanna trade?) map light, those big fuses, main relay, fuel pump and basically anything that looked important, and those plastic screw thingies. I might get the gauge cluster, valve cover and dash bezel (slightly damaged) tomorrow.

I should have taken the cruise control assembly unit, but that looks too hard.

Hid all the parts in the minivan section- but just to be sure, I’ll be there tomorrow at 7AM to get the parts before anyone else does.

Good day today :)…

…man, maybe my mom was right about me not havin’ a life- gettin’ excited about car parts and all…

damn, its a GS. if it were an RS, the non-ABS proportioning valve is a good piece of kit.
if you have an ABS car (GS, LS, GSR) then grab the ABS stuff for yourself (underhood prop valve, interior computer control unit), they might work and your current ones might die eventually. replacements are costly.
floor mats if they are in good shape.

hey since your in Canada, you should look for the whole cdm seatbelt conversions and sell em us.