Just a few ???

  1. How important is the choke? I had to take it off because the screws came loose and started to cut into my strut tower bar, and the screws are now stripped.
    2.How do you check for bad motor mounts?
    3.How much motor movement should there be when going from D to R?

Just for your info, our cars don’t have chokes. Chokes are only on carbuerated engines, and they increase the fuel that goes to the engine during startup.

I think you may be refering to the dash pot, as it seems a lot of people with tower bars (the “universal fit” kind) complain of this rubbing against the bar. The dashpot simply eases the throttle plate closed when you release the gas so the engine doesn’t violently stutter (like an old dashpotless Volkswagen). It’s probably something you want on the engine.

Bad motor mounts can be identified by a lot of wheel hop during hard acceleration. Also, if the metal part of the mount is cracked or the rubber bushings inside are deteriorated or broken, then the mount is no good.

Hope that this helps. I pretty sure that this is all accurate.