just a thought (about wierd shaking)

I was thinking about how my car shakes the way it does. It shakes really bad when i accelerate, it seems to be worst when i get off the freeway and start driving in town, but it almost goes away after i’ve floored it and taken her to the redline. And i also noticed once when i was doing that a bunch of smoke (dark) was coming out behind me, this was when i hadn’t had the car on the freeway for a while. So i’m thinking its the cat. but people keep saying its my clutch because i do need a new clutch. what do you guys think???

Smoke means = burning oil or fuel rich gas/air mix. the vibration can come from different compressions in the cylinders (due to not-so-tight piston rings). Once cylinder kicks stronger than the other which can cause vibration.

first thing to do: check compression in each cylinder. My bet is that they are probably below optimal, which would explain the smoke too (oil vapor passses the piston rings and enters the combustion chamber). also check if your car uses more gas than usual. it would also signal reduced compression in the cylinders.
hope this helps

check the o2 sensor