just another knock sensor ?

ok I have searched for months on this and still don’t have an answer. my engine light comes on (ecu code 23, knock sensor). sometimes I can ride a while and it will stay off and it usually happens when I slow down or the engine idles really low (coming up to a stop light or something). anyway, when the code comes on the car feels no different than before. the vtec works fine, no timing retard, that I can tell. my question is… when the light comes on does that mean the knock sensor isn’t working (or ecu isn’t “seeing” it) or does it mean that the engine is actually knocking. anyone have this problem (getting a knock sensor code but not any knocking symptoms). if anyone can offer any suggestions or explain to me what’s going on I would appreciate it. I have to change the head gasket this weekend and I would really like to do all my knock sensor troubleshooting then, so please answer ASAP. thanks again.

come on people… need a little help

hey do u have a b16a in you’re teg??do u like it ??have you taken it to the track??what mods have you done to it??well to help u out…when u installed the ecu and stuff did you get a wire and wired it to the knock sensor??if not you’re going to have to get a wire from the ecu and wire it to the ks …is below the intake mani???hope that helps lates

yes I have a b16… I love it when it works right. The power is excellent (especially when vtec kicks in, sounds mean). I had an automatic b18 so I really didn’t get to experience all the torque the b18 is suppose to have, so I don’t miss it. no mods yet… I’ve kinda restricted myself from buying anything new for my car right now. yes I have everything wired up and sometimes the car will go forever without the CEL light coming on but then it will come on for no apparent reason. I just don’t get… if the engine is knocking the vtec shouldn’t work, right? but everything works fine. the car feels plenty strong (not like the a/f mix was rich, or the timing was retarded). Im lost

I have a similar problem, but mine is very sporatic and it usually comes on after i’ve been driving the same speed for a while (like on the freeway) What header are you using? My DC ic cracked and I was wondering if this could be afferting my O2 sensor and my fuel control. I kinda doubt it, but I can’t figure out why the knock sensor comes on sporatically like it does.

same thing happen to me. try retarding the timing by turning the distributor towards the firewall. just a little at a time. what gas are you using??? try using 94 and up. remember, in japan the pump is 100+ octane

I run “high octane” here in california, which is a weak 91. I’m running about 11:1 and have been told it should be okay. I could actually have some knock, but when my CEL gets thrown I’m not even working it hard, like I said, I’m usually just cruising when I get it, and it’s totally sporatic (doens’t seem to be temp or time dependent). I drive on the freeway quite a bit, and don’t get a cell 80-90 percent of the time. I’m going to get a new header and put a high flow cat on when I get some time. Dirty injectors are the other thing I’m thinking.

i also have only one o2 sensor hooked up… I’m going to check on that this weekend… I need to get the exhaust flange where it goes into the rest of the exhaust system rewelded on the stock b16 manifold (using b18 right now) and once that’s done I’m going to hook up both o2 sensor and mess with the ignition timing a little and see if that’s what getting my this knock sensor warning. I’m confused.

hyper hybrid… I thought towards the firewall is advancing not retarding. oh you know I have never thought about the octane and I’m using the lowest. what the fuc… I miss the simplest shit sometimes.

get the otehr O2 wired up. You need it. where as the newer OBD cars that ther are 2 O2 sensor. one is primary and one is secondary which isn’t as important. ni the OBD0 dual o2 sensor motors, both are pretty much primary as both monitor their own seperate 2 cylinders. as for teh knock sensor. miens used to do the same thing as you. light would coem on. blinks 23. but the car stilld rives exactly the same,r evs up fine, vetc. no slwoer or faster then it was before. so dunno waht’s up. my problem to fix it was pushing the sensor in more. it was always kidna loose and if I really pushed it, it would be fien fora few months before coming back uot then I just push it in again andit’s gone for a lnog tiem again.

it’s late. excuse my typing

MInes doing the same… comes on when i decellerate… at around 3k or 3500k…normal driving , car feels fine… no change… vtec still kick in… whats goin on cuz its driving me nuts… :bang: . i got a b17a… help anyone?
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I ended up pulling my B18C out because the random knock code was pissing me off and I didn’t have the time to mess with it anymore. When the engine was out of the car I finally checked the knock sensor and it was loose! If you havn’t taken the time to check if the sensor is tight I would start there.