just bought a b16 head...whats obd1?

Ok…I bought a new b16 vtec head for my b17 block whose head is melted and singed…

question is…its obd1…is my car obd1?..b17a1…

will this be a problem?

the obd refers to the ecu/emissions programming. the b17a1 is indeed obd-1. the head and block are compatible.

all hondas:
89-91 non obd
92-95 obd1
96+ obd2

obd doesn’t matter for engine parts, only some of the electrical stuff. non obd, obd1 and obd2 all use differnent distributors, injectors and ecu’s. Those are the only parts you’d even have to worry about (in your case both are obd1 so it doesn’t matter.

basically all you need to make sure is that you use obd1 distributor and injectors when you swap the heads. so, you can use the ones of the original head, or use the ones off the b16a head… in your case both will work.