Just Bought B&M Fuel Press Regulator, HELP

ok i got this product, and it involves me cutting some of the stock OEM fuel press regulator off and all that, i dont really know whats going on, the directions suck, anyone make this easy for me, or wanna help install one day please? im Located in East, Louisville KY

i got a p&p LS head, Skunk2 intake manifold, 2.25 exhaust, CAI and a DC header on B20z block, whats a good PSI to run?

well guess u all dont know how this can be done, thanks anyway

I used a small pipe cutter (23mm opening) to cut the stock FPR. The FPR is located on your fuel rail.

Install the fuel pressure gauge first (use teflon tape so it wont leak), the run the car, pull the vacuum line off and note the stock fuel pressure. Then remove the FPR, modify it, reinstall and tune. My Teg with I/H/E still pulls best at the stock fuel pressure.

Drop me a line if you need more detail: b17gsr@va3erc.ca

(and don’t forget to gently remove the fuel pressure before installing either part)