just got b16a put in and runnin into problems

ok i just got my car back and i had a b16a put in it and car runs excellent got a few codes lighting up thats about it though but my main concern is when i turn my heat on i have smoke comin out from underneath the radio and the passenger side of the car i would like to know what this is before i catch on fire :slight_smile: any info is appreciated…

p.s. my father suggested that i might have burnt out my fan but would it just keep smokin if i turned it on ? when i turn it off the car does fine thanks

what color smoke?? its probably just something burning off the engine or exhaust…if you spilled any oil or coolant when it was put in

its white smoke but im sayin it only happens when i turn the fan all the way up and it just starts smokin and it stinks but theres like no heat comin out of my vents at all when this happens