just got da6 cluster

anyone no how to remove the marker that they use to right on the JDM parts my cluster has Da6 and some other writing on the face of the cluster and I want to know what i can use to get it off with scratching it or damaging the plastic front…i already tried windex…didn’t work

They wrote on the clear part? Idiots:bang: . Some junk yard wrote on the outside of a bumper my girlfriend picked up for her car. I haven’t tried buffing it yet, but not a whole lot takes that stuff off. I’ve tried everything in a can that has been laying around my garage, including carb cleaner. The only thing I’ve noticed, is that when we’ve washed the car, it seems to partially rub off. I would simply use some soap and water and a really soft cloth or your hands and rub it until it comes off. Probably will take a while, but it will save the finish.

anyone have problems after install?

anyone have any problems after installing jdm guage cluster?