Just install new tie rods...

Now i got a few questions…when i installed the te rods (they are the same tie rods-honda) I tightened the castle nut to the correct 33lbs and i aligned the tread at the other end connecting to the steering rack correct and secured the jam nut but the tie rod was loose…i can turn the tie rod side to side if you know what i mean…its not loose you can just turn it with the steering rack Is this normal? If not how can i fix it? also my steering wheel still feels a bit loose i think…all the understeer has gone away and it steers a lot better however, anyone know what my problems could be?

The tie rods should rotate on a vertical, horizontal and spherical axis. What you’re describing sounds normal. As long as everything is tight, you’re good to go…

Will tie rods off of other cars fit ours?? like older civics??( dont mean to be a post whore… sorry)

I don’t think so. The track might not be wide enough. If you could compare the lengths of the 2 tie rods or crossref. the part numbers, then you’d have your answer. Surely someone knows for sure.

I was just curious as to how difficult this project was? I just finished my brakes/rad/ball joints and lca project. Now I noticed my tie rods could use replacing also.

it’s simple, just get a haynes or helms manual or search for installation. Takes about 10-15 min a side depending on if your jam nuts are seized (mine came off fairly ez)

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crossref. the part numbers, then you’d have your answer. Surely someone knows for sure.

The tie rod ends cross reference with a Civic part. I bought mine from a Honda Dealer.

for how much $?

I just paid for tie rod ends from the local dealership.
The part #'s are 53540-SH3-013 L & 53540-SH3-013 R. The list price is 67.67 each. They had to special order them. :mad: WTF do they actually keep in stock? :hmm:

oil filters and air filters is what they keep in stock :slight_smile:

i paid uhh $30 i think for both off ebay. had my mechanic look at them and he said they were very good quality parts and it was a killer deal.

Tinytorr was my previous name- just to let everyone know the problem was bad inner tie rods, i took the PS rack off the car and had to cut off the metal tabs that covered the nuts to get them off, but now that i think off it, I may have been able to cut them off w/o removing the rack which is a real PITA considering all the aligning you have to do afterwards (Outter tie rods, steering shaft)
Cheers! :corn:

Oh yeah, and baseball caps.