Just ordered my Baby her new Heart :)

I just ordered my baby her new heart. She should be getting the transplant in about 2 weeks. I got the sir 1 b16a. Motor tranny ecu… Just wondering if anybody has this setup in there gen 2. I’m gonna boost it so just wondering if anybody has any negative or positive feedback thanks :):):slight_smile:

your new, welcome… this topic has been covered plenty of times… the b16a first gen in a DA isnt the fastest motor setup around, it’s ok top end, but you’ll miss the torque of the 1.8L non-vtec LS motor…

good choice getting the tranny with it too… :up:

B16’s are fun! :rockon:

my 2nd swap. it will feel gutless. get some type r cams and a cheap ebay header and enjoy

I have one iin my 92 DA, it sounds very nice when VTEC kicks in and the +8000 redline is pretty nice too. I am working on getting some mods to add torque since it seems a little slower off the line.

Get some cams, headers, intake, exhaust and you’ll have fun with your car!

Good luck!

Don’t be suprised at the high RPMs in 5th gear while driving on the highway.

I recomend doing an LS 5th swap if you do a lot of highway driving.
I have LS 5th in both of my cars :up: (Integra B16A/ Y1 & CRX B18C /B16 poorman ITR with Y1).

Email me if you need ECU pins for the install jeff.collins@volvo.com

i have a B17 and it sucks balls stock. i just like to hear VTEC and thats why i got it… hahaha… im so :gay:

that’s why i got my b16 too… :cross:

I’m gonna be boosting it. I allready have my turbo kit its a T28 turbo. Its not a very big turbo so i will be fully spolled bye about 3 grand so that will make up for some of the lost low end. Its not gonna be stock thought thats the best part:)

I dont understand…if you are boosting why did you get the short ratio tranny. I always thought the ls tranny was good for turbo


^^, I met a guy with a B16+Tranny etc… and it was boosted.
I asked him the same exact thing.

He said, he likes it even more with the short geard tranny,



b16 I bet is a fun ass engine…have a good time, and make sure it’s nice and fresh before u put it in her…:slight_smile:

b16a representing here too

i love it - top end if fuunnn!!!

Hell yeah, that vtec roar is saweet! Low-end sucks ballz, but high-end is kinda fun…it’s alright. I was thinking about boosting this one too, but I don’t have the money right now so I am just fiddle farting around with it. LOL Good luck man!

That’s an age old myth that is totally wrong.

I would assume that the LS tranny is good if your looking for top speed out of your car. However, if your wanting good ETs at the track then a shorter tranny would be better I think.

you can use an ls tranny with tiny slicks if you are on a budget and get decent times. most people just go gsr tranny with normal sized slicks.

an ls tranny would be suitable for someone pushing 350+whp which would potentially require a little more gear to even things out. but it’s always been known that shorter gearing equals better acceleration.

i heard some fool on g2ic has a b16 tranny on his ls. :roll:
wtf u been up to man? u ever visit ur family in ny?

jO i heard of that fOOl a whilez back, i hear he shiFt mAd quick nshit Yo!
but seriously, that is the best investment i’ve made in my pile.

nah man, my uncle’s in the process of moving back right now, he’s got money falling out of his ass faster than he can catch it, but he just doesn’t like the place.