Just ordered some parts seeking advice.

Hey guys I just finished spending 67$ on some parts and was wondering if I made good choices / got a good deal.

1x NGK Spark Plug Wire Set (HE56 - Blue)
4x NGK Copper Spark Plugs
1x YEC Distributer Cap
1x YEC Rotor

TIA for all the help :bowdown:

Looks good to me. I prefer NGK Platinums, but NGK anything will be good.


Eventually I will upgrade to the NGK Iridiums. I did not have enough money for them as I aslo ordered brakes. Have you ever heard of YEC? And do you know what I should buy to replace my Ground Strap on the Head of my engine?

First of all, assuming that you have a mostly stock motor, there is no reason for you to buy the Iridiums. Your coppers are fine, and possibly even better for a stock motor.

As for what you need to replace the Ground Strap, you can just go to an auto parts store and buy one, or just buy a length of heavy cable, install some ends on it, and slap it into the car. Make sure that when you do this, you take care to clean the ground spots of any dirt/rust/corrosion to ensure a good quality ground.

Good luckā€¦