just painted moldings.. doesn't seem right..

For the last several days I have been painting my moldings. Its a pain in the ass since I own a sedan. The color is Frost White. I used Dupli-Color’s so called “exact factory match” paint. It just seems a little too bright. I havn’t put the clear coat on it yet, will the paint’s brightness die down a little when I put the clear coat on? Any ideas? thanks

You have to rememeber that paint dulls over time with it being in the sun and all. I honestly wouldn’t worry about the difference, it shouldn’t be that bad.

NtenseTeg is right. If you really wanted true color matched moldings you are gonna have to have the paint matched to your car. That is how a body shop will do it. They take the Frost white and add various toners or whatever to get it so that it will match your cars actual color (color change due to its old age). You can also go down to an autobody/paint store and have them mix you up some paint. Then use little aerosol sprayers to spray the paint. You’ll get much better results that way, the only downside is that its not much cheaper than having a body shop do it.